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Little Big Planet 2: First Impressions

Most of you already know that Little Big Planet 2 was released for purchase on January 18th, earlier this year, and now I have received my very own copy of the game from for an astonishing low price of $53.00. Something that I am kind of upset about now though is that, as you can see from the Amazon product link above, you can purchase a brand new copy for $8.00 cheaper than what I payed for it. However I do not feel it is something that I should let fester, so now I am going to give you guys a "look" at my opinion, or impressions of the game so far.

     After about six days of having my copy of Little Big Planet 2 I have traveled through four very differing story mode worlds. There is still more story mode levels that I myself need to jump into, but believe me I get easily distracted and sucked into the infamous Create Mode, a mode that is known for devouring the time, and sometimes the patience of a player. I for one am extremely compelled by the new gadg…

Uncharted 3: Villainess?

Check out this exclusive Playstation Blog Video and get a look at a sure to be Villainess in the upcoming release. Be sure to bookmark this blog if you would like to find out the latest Video Game news and releases.

Infamous 2 Gets Creative

Infamous 2 is personally starting to surprise me both visually and in the sense of new content. When I learned that Sucker Punch Studios, the creators of this sure to be thrilling sequel, had installed a new feature into the game allowing players to create their own missions, I was completely astonished.

     When Infamous 2 releases this upcoming June, many people will hopefully fall in love with this awesome feature. I personally like this new addition of creating your own missions because I am a huge fan of the Little Big Planet franchise. I like the way it feels to create something of your own and share it with the world and now Infamous 2, probably not as in depth as Little Big Planet, is giving us die hard Playstation gamers another way to get creative. So I have one thing to say to you Sucker Punch, "Thank you for allowing us gamers to express ourselves through the art of imagination." With all seriousness though, I believe that this upcoming sequel to a game that…