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inFamous Review

Sucker Punch; now thats an original name for a video game production company. This review is going to be focused on a game that has been out for a while now (and finally have gotten my hands on copy). inFamous created by Sucker Punch Studios was released in late spring last year (May 2009). Now I hope you do not mind, but I am going to start out with the foreground of this video game. What I mean by this is how the game's main setting, Empire City, has become the hell hole that you play through in the game. So if you don't mind lets get started.

     This game really gets your blood pumping as soon as you press the start button on the first time you start the game up on your console. Suddenly people are running for their lives and screaming. At first it is hard to tell what they are running from, but then it become as clear as a whistle. An explosion of energy bursts through  out Empire City, this explosion "levels six square blocks of Empire City" and kills ev…

Spiderman 3 Review

I have recently had the opportunity to play a game that after seeing the movie would make you not even think of ever playing the game, but to my astonishment the game was extremely cool. So I would like to tell you some awesome features in the game. This review was written in my own words. Be sure to quote anything I have written here if you do post this review on your blog or website.
Playable Characters and Features: In the game you are able to play as normal Spiderman and Dark Suited Spiderman. The normal Spiderman has some awesome moves like the original web ball that has been seen through out the first 2 Spiderman games to awesome combos like the Pinball attack where Spiderman bounces from one enemy to another while striking them fiercely. The Dark Suited Spiderman (which you don't unlock until you have completed the first Sandman mission) allows you to have a fill up your Rage Meter by striking enemies repeatedly. Once your rage meter fill Spiderman's entire body turns fl…

More Uncharted 2 Personal Screenshots

Here are some more Uncharted 2 Multiplayer Screen Shots I captured using the Cinema feature in the game. There are some pretty cool pictures in this bunch so Enjoy them. Most of them are from an RPG Deathmatch.