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MAG: Get 256% Bonus XP for Happy Hour January 26th to 30th

MAG has reached it's first birthday and according to a post by Jeremy Dunham from Zipper Interactive on the Official Playstation Blog this week is going to be filled with a bunch of freakin' sweet opportunities. You will be able to earn 256% xp for "Happy Hour" and "In-Game Bonuses". Another awesome touch to this Promotion is that all Maps in MAG will become faction neutral, so if you have been wanting to start on the S.V.E.R side of Absheron Refinery as Valor in Domination, you can do so until January 30th.
"Our third and final promotion is a special “Faction Neutral” switch for the Domination and Acquisition modes. For the first time ever in MAG “Live,” our two biggest game types will switch from being PMC-specific to being open for defense by any of our three factions. Like our 256% XP bonus, this mode switch will be in operation from January 26 at 12am Pacific to January 30 at 11:59pm."
     You might even be able to get into a game with a…

Top 10 Blogger Customizations

Do you want to personalize your Blogger hosted blog even more? Well lucky for ya', because in today's post I am going to go over my favorite 10 Blogger customization tools and hacks.
1. Remove the Blogger NavBar

This is one of the few things that I personally found annoying with Blogger. Thankfully I was able to locate an HTML code that removes the NavBar. Click here to read the step by step walkthrough for removing the Blogger NavBar.
2. Create HTML Navigation Bar with Images as Links
One of the things I learned to do with HTML last year was how to create a Navigation Bar with images as links. Now you can easily create a navigation bar for your Social Media links that ultimately makes your blog more attractive. Click here to learn how to your own HTML Navigation Bar with Images as Links. 3. Replace Blogger Favicon with Custom Favicon

I found this one extremely cool. Now you can change your Favicon from the default Blogger logo to something of it's own kind. Click here …

MAG (Massive Action Game) Review

When I first took a look at some actual in-game footage from MAG, I was somewhat intrigued. The game modes looked to deliver an intense multiplayer experience that would keep me ultimately entertained for a decent amount of time.

     After getting my hands on a copy and popped that sucker into my console I became immersed in a massive multiplayer game that was sure to require team work, as well as taking strategic position and fulfilling objectives. However what I found out was that in order to fulfill these objectives you would need to work as a team. This key element, from my experience, did not exist. Everyone that I played with, even myself, was so kept up in the classic "lone wolf" assault.

     You may asking, "What does this have to do with the game", or saying that,"It is the players not the game." The game lacks the element of an incentive system for working as a team. Sure, squad leaders can mark objectives for their team to assault for ex…

MAG Introduction and Review

Does this Multiplayer Shooter go beyond the rest?      How many of you guys are saying that this is a little too late for a review? Well you are definitely right, but since I just recently got the game  figured I am obligated to do a review for all of you guys who have not even played. First I would like to start this review out with an introduction to MAG. What is the plot behind this game?  So without further hesitation... let us begin.
     MAG (Massive Action Game) is a PS3 exclusive created by Zipper Interactive. This game is most known for it's ability to plunge 256 simultaneous players into one game. 

MAG Reveal Trailer
Introduction to PMCs
     When you first start up MAG, after you install all of the software to your system, you are given a choice of three PMCs (Private Military Corporations) to fight with:

     All three of the Private Military Corporations available in MAG have different models of weapons. S.V.E.R services is known for their "middle eastern" typed…

How to Green Screen in Windows Movie Maker

Note: This is a Windows Movie Maker for Windows Vista only Tutorial. If you have Windows Movie Maker for Windows XP, or Windows 7 please click here to find out about an alternative way to get green screen capabilities for Windows.

This is a quick tutorial that will show you what you need to create high quality green screen renders in Window Movie Maker. Feel free to comment below if you need help with anything, or contact the plug-in creator and distributor at

Step 1: Download the plug-in at
Step 2: Install the plug-in by running the downloaded file (Run as Administrator)

Once you have completed the steps above, the video below will show you how to use the plug-in.