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NEW The Last of Us Interrogation Mode: Thoughts, and Opinions

The Last of Us blew away store shelves a little over two months ago and has become a shocking phenomenon among the gaming community. Although the game was truly satisfying, both in the single player adventure and the multiplayer carnage, it was easy for players to grow bored after an excessive amount of time. Don't get me wrong, the game was amazing, but I felt as if the launch copy of the game had run it's course on me (at least for a while). So I told myself, "Hey, I'll get back into the game when those fine developer at Naughty Dog release some new content!" Sure enough, to my complete surprise, their team released a new game type for the multiplayer component of the game yesterday. The game type is entitled "Interrogation", and it's fucking brutal!

Check out this stellar new game type!

     My initial thoughts of the game mode were that it was nothing different from what I had already seen. The maps were all laid out the same, the fighting …