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Battlefield 3: It's Here and Your's for the Taking

Battlefield 3 is the newest installment to Digital Illusions CE's popular first person shooter franchise. With an exciting campaign, breathtaking realism, and down-right incredible multiplayer, Battlefield 3 is sure to feed some very hungry gamers a much needed helping of pure awesome.

Different Page Background for Blogger Posts

Looking to give each of your Blogger posts a unique background image? You have come to the right place, all you need to do is check out the tutorial below, and if you have any questions feel free to ask in the comments.

First of all, click here to see this in action on a different post.

Step 1:
Upload the image that you would like to appear as the unique blog background to the particular post. Make sure you make any tweaks to the HTML ('Edit HTML') of the image in the post editor so it appears to your liking.

Step 2:
Following the image upload into the post, click 'Edit HTML'. In the code for the image find the 'div class' title (default is titled 'separator'). Change the title to something unique and make note of the title.

Step 3:
Once you have entered all of the content to your blog post, whatever it may be, click the 'Publish Post' button. Make sure you remember, or have made note of, the title of the 'div class'.

Step 4:
Now it is…

Uncharted 3: Watch the Launch Trailer Now

Although Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is yet to be released those generous Naughty Dog developers were kind enough to give us access to the game's launch trailer. Check out the video below and leave a comment if you like. Expect to see this game hitting retailers on November 1st, 2011.

Gotham City Impostors Combines FPS with Superheroes

How incredible is this? Gotham City Impostors appears to have all the elements of a classic First Person Shooter combined with all the fun and unpredictability of the the heroes and villains of Gotham City.

     Basically, the entire plot of this game is "When Batman is away, Impostors will play." Their are two teams that are dedicated to battling out by all means necessary. The Batman impostors who dress up as closely as they can to the caped crusader, look completely unprofessional. They are not what you would expect Batman to look like, but that is the entire point of this game. On the other team lies the maniacal Joker impostors who make themselves useful by going on insane rants when the real Batman is busy.

     Gotham City Impostors is an all multiplayer game and will be available for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC in  early 2012. This game will be download only, so if you are interested you might want to have a way to purchase the content.

Batman: Arkham City is Available Now

Get ready to put on the shoes of "the World's Greatest Detective." Today the anticipated sequel to the 2009 Game of the Year winner Batman: Arkham Asylum can be purchased. Are you ready to harness Batman's arsenal of gadgets, and engage into incredible strategic combat? Lets hope so...

     Batman: Arkham City adds onto the incredible style of Batman: Arkham Asylum gliding into the newly created Arkham City that is being put to use as a place for all of Gotham City’s famous lunatics and criminals to call home.
Take control of the Dark Knight on his quest to save Gotham from Warden Hugo Strange.
Arkham Asylum is no more. Now the slums of Gotham City have been walled off and Gotham's most dangerous and corrupt have relocated in what is now Arkham City.
Joining Batman in this game, as a playable character (which is pretty cool), is Cat Woman. Heads up, if you purchase the game in it's early stages you will get access to a one time only code unlocking Cat …

Uncharted 3: The Fortune Hunters Club DLC Pass

It appears that lately many games have been releasing somewhat of a premium pass to get access to a game's downloadable content. For example, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 came out with it's 'VIP Pass' which upon purchase gave players exclusive access to a total of 7 VIP Map Packs. Now it looks as is Naughty Dog will being giving this a try.

     On the PS Blog Naughty Dog announced the inclusion of a DLC Pass, or correctly titled 'the Fortune Hunters Club' which will cost $25. Also stated was that this membership will save consumers $20 in total with all of the DLC that is to be released. The Fortune Hunters Club membership will give players access to a total of 7 different pieces of content. Along with membership you will gain access to an exclusive Uncharted 3 theme as a bonus.

(DLC) Little Big Planet 2: InFAMOUS 2 Pack

Lets start this post off with some verbal imagery. Imagine an insanely awesome hero with, I don't know, powers that let him harness electricity. Then combine this hero with an a rag doll that is known for prancing around aimlessly to gather prize bubbles filled with goodies. You may be wondering what the chemical reaction between these two elements would be. Simple! An InFAMOUS 2 costume pack for Media Molecule's Little Big Planet 2.

     Now fans of Little Big Planet can show off their loyalty to InFAMOUS by styling off a Cole McGrath costume. The InFAMOUS 2 Mini Pack comes loaded with costumes and stickers for gamers to use in their attempt to be creative.

     The InFAMOUS 2 Mini Pack comes with 2 costumes, both the Good Karma Cole and the Evil Karma Cole. In addition to the costumes come a nice set of InFAMOUS 2 themed stickers. Get this DLC pack for $2.99 by visiting the Playstation Store.

(DLC) Resistance 3: The Survival Pack

Yes! Resistance 3 is available and believe it or not (you probably should) their is downloadable content available. With a copy of Resistance 3, an internet connected Playstation 3 Console, and a Playstation Network account you can get yourself some fresh content to use to your advantage against those darn Chimera.

     Ah yes, the first package of premium DLC for Resistance 3 multiplayer, the Survival Pack. This content pack delivers an awesome new game mode and a good set of character skins for Resistance 3 players to rock out in. Along with the in-game content comes a piece of exterior content, or a theme for your Playstation's XMB (Cross Media Bar).

The Resistance 3 Survival Pack can be downloaded for a decent price of $3.99 through the Playstation Store.

Batman: Arkham City's Villains

To be completely honest, Batman was not one of my favorite comic book heroes. With the depressive and grim vibe that his story gave off, I tended to avoid affiliation with anything "the Dark Knight" related. When the Batman movie series was reignited with the release of Batman Begins and the Dark Knight I began to change the mindset I had developed for Batman. When I got my hands on the Batman: Arkham Asylum game, I found myself in a state of complete and utter amazement.

      Batman: Arkham City is set for release on October 18th, 2011. Rather than going on a pre-release rant on how this game is awesome (I mean who actually knows if a game is going to be awesome if they have never even played it), this post is hopefully going to tell you a little about the villains that you might just see popping up in Gotham when you get into the game.

The information in this post will be updated as more information becomes available.
Continue to Arkham City Characters

InFAMOUS 2: Mission Creation Contest Announced

InFAMOUS 2 does indeed hold an action packed (dare I say electrifying) element to it, but it also has a creative component. Gamers who have their hands on a copy of this game can create their own custom missions, or UGCs (User Generated Content). Now Sucker Punch, the developers, are announcing an "InFAMOUS 2 Mission Design Contest."

First prize will be $1,000.00 in Playstation Store Credit along with a featured post on the PS Blog showcasing your awesome level. Runner ups will receive $100.00 in PS Store Credit as well as a featured post on the PS Blog.

     Like all contests, you have to meet specific requirements to be eligible. To provide you with all of the set in stone requirements and other important details I am going to send you on over the United States Playstation Blog. Like always, I encourage each and everyone of you Cole fans to participate in this awesome event. Happy building and good luck to you all!

InFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood

Honestly, I never thought that I would see this. Heck, I never even thought about this at all. The electrified protagonist of the Playstation 3 exclusive InFAMOUS 2 has been bitten. It is official, Cole has been transformed into a blood thirsty vampire just in time for Halloween with the InFAMOUS 2: Festival of Blood standalone DLC.

     Expect to be seeing this content available for download through the Playstation Store sometime in October 2011.

Little Big Planet 2: Free Jet with Parachute

I usually am not so much into the self-promoting mumbo jumbo, but I figured I might as well share my newest Little Big Planet 2 creation.

     The level allows you to pilot a Jet, one that I of course created from scratch. The Jet has many features, such as retractable wheels, weaponry capabilities, and my favorite is the ability to eject from the cockpit and deploy a parachute for your Sackthing.
     The level takes place on an Aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean. Although this level has no primary objective for the Jet to complete, it still can prove to be fun while testing the aircraft.

     Best of all, I am giving the Jet, along with a Parachute and customized Rocket away for free.

 Check out Free Jet with Parachute on LBP.Me and Add it to Your Little Big Planet Queue

Battlefield 3: Introduction to Battlelog

If you have gotten a chance to play the newer Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (as opposed to the much older one that could be played on GameCube and Playstation 2) you might know about the Autolog feature. The Autolog feature is an online only component that created a more social environment for players in NFS. Now you can expect to see a similar feature for the upcoming release of Battlefield 3. Take a look at the images below to get an idea of some of the features.

Check out the Battlelog feature for yourself.

Battlefield 3: Multiplayer Beta First Impressions

With the recent release of the Battlefield 3: Public Access Multiplayer Beta, I have much to say. This game appears, to me atleast, to have changed. I felt as if I wasn't playing the Battlefield I was used to.

     The urban multiplayer map available in the Beta appeared to be somewhat of a change to the Battlefield genre. I am used to the large open-world maps available in it's predecessors, such as Battlefield: Bad Company 2. The Operation Metro map holds a surprising change to the series, and I believe it is a change for the good. This type of map gave the feel of a more tactical online shooter experience. With close quarter combat always seeming to lurk around the corner, you have to be constantly on you guard.

     Teamwork appears to play an essential role in Battlefield 3 multiplayer. It is very difficult to acquire kills and advance into the enemy lines moving as a "lone-wolf." I found myself, to quote the Hangover, moving in with my "Wolf Pack.&quo…