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How to Get Leadership Points Quickly in MAG

Okay, so you just got your Squad Leader position in MAG (attained at Level 15) and you are wondering how you can quickly reach the next position of Platoon Leader. Well today I am going to inform the many players of MAG how I was able to quickly rack up 100 Leadership Points and with that a new position as Platoon Leader.

     I have one tip for you guys. With this vital object you will find your self actually calling the shots as a Squad Leader, rather than having the position but not being able to FRAGO targets, or call in support in a game because someone else is the primary leader of your squad. You probably are not going to like this one because it will cost some serious dough if you don't already have one, but it is time to invest into a Bluetooth Headset. I have noticed that ever since I purchased my Bluetooth Headset and have actually been using it, I myself have been calling the shots as Squad Leader. Before I got the headset I never got to set FRAGOs, or call in sup…

Get the MAG Starter Kit for Free

What is exactly included in the MAG Starter Kit DLC Pack Interdiction Mission PackEscalation Mission Pack30 Day Access to Character Slots B and C6 MAG Playstation Network Avatars3 MAG PS3 Themes showcasing Valor, Raven and S.V.E.R Would it not be nice to get this whole bundle of MAG content, a $15.00 value, FOR FREE. Let me just share with you guys that I myself was able to get the MAG Starter Kit for free. I know most of you guys are thinking, "Yeah right, get a life you lying loser", but it is the truth. I was able to get this DLC for free and now I am going to share with you guys on how I was able to get it.

     Not too long ago I found this site called Rewards1 (click here if you want to check it out). Before actually using the site I thought to myself "SCAM!", but after a little patience and a huge leap of faith I found myself wondering why I ever thought that. Rewards1 is an awesome site with a large community of people that all have one interest in common, …