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Little Big Planet 2: PS Move DLC Coming Fall 2011

Media Molecule is finally releasing DLC to give Little Big Planet 2 players the ability to create Playstation Move playable levels. Now you will be able to create your own PS Move powered Little Big Planet 2 levels. The DLC is to come as a package filled with brand new tools, such as the Moveinator, to help you customize your creations even more. As of now there is not really a dedicated price for this package, that does not mean it will be free, but there is going to be a price. You can most likely expect this package to be released for purchase early this Fall.

Resistance 3 Multiplayer Beta Hits Playstation Early August

For those of you who purchased the recently released SOCOM 4, and received an early access Beta code for Resistance 3, the time that you can finally redeem your code is coming August 4th, 2011. That is right, starting August 4th all of you guys, gals, and whatever else you could be can redeem your Resistance 3 Early Access Beta codes.

     All of you PS Plus Members will be granted access to the Beta on August 23rd, 2011. So far there is no word on if the Beta will be released to the general PSN community. If you are one of the people who will be granted access to the Beta on August 4th, I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Battlefield: Bad Company Mini Review

Have you ever wanted a First Person Shooter game to have a destructive element to it. Digital Illusions CE has created just that with it's release of Battlefield: Bad Company. In this explosive game you will find, in both campaign mode and multiplayer, that almost everything can be destroyed. This game is truly amazing and will forever be known as a classic.

     The campaign mode is decent, but the real reason that most people buy this game is for the online multiplayer. When playing online you will find yourself landing into high paced vehicle based games. Everything in this game is centered around vehicles. Take to the skies in an Apache Helicopter and unleash an explosive rain on the opposing team below. Lead the ground assault by climbing into a Tank and release shell upon shell on the enemies defensive emplacements, buildings, vehicles, and everything else. Take a naval approach to the battle by attacking the opposition along the coastline. You can even take the old-fas…

Little Big Planet 2: How to Control Sackbots with a Controllinator

So you are wondering how on Earth would you be able to use a Controllinator to control a Sackbot in Little Big Planet 2? Hopefully I will be able to help you with this.

     Today's post will hopefully teach all of you interested Little Big Planet 2 players how to use a Controllinator to control a Sackbot. I would like to start off first by saying this process is not as hard as you would expect it to be.

Step 1: Retrieve a blank Sackbot from your Tools Bag in the Create Mode Poppit Menu. After placing the Sackbot into the foreground open up it's Microchip by clicking the R1 button.

Step 2: Retrieve a Controllinator from the Tools Bag and place it on the Sackbot's Microchip. Press Square to Tweak the Controllinator's setting. Set the Controllinator to a Receiver.

From here on out there are 2 different ways you could use. Both ways depend on your preference. The first and easiest way allows you to control the Sackbot with the use of a Movie Camera which means you wi…

Burnout Paradise Full Game Download for $7.99 Playstation Store

Every once and a while a killer deal comes to the Playstation Store for download. As of July 5th, 2011 the Playstation Network Store will be offering the Burnout Paradise Full Game with 2 packs of DLC for an amazing $7.99. It is hard to imagine that for such a small price you can get your hands on a Video Game masterpiece.

DLC Included:

Time Savers Pack: Unlocks everything in Burnout Paradise. (You do not have to download this piece of DLC if you want to unlock everything yourself)

Boost Specials Pack: A package of 2 custom cars for you to traverse the massive world of Burnout Paradise with.

Visit the Playstation Store to take advantage of this awesome deal.