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How Do I Make My Own Website? Your Guide to Online Website Creators, Domain Names, and more.

How Do I Make My Own Website?
Your Guide to Online Website Creators, Domain Names, and more.

What is the best free online website creator? This question has a whole lot of answers due to people and their various opinions.
     I have used a whole lot of the free website creators out there, and believe me there is a whole bunch of them out there, but the one that I found the uttermost coolest was Wix. For those of you who are not familiar with; Wix provides the users with an awesome way to customize their websites using flash animations and widgets. I recently started using this site and created what I think is flash perfection. You can do so much more with Wix than you can with Weebly or Webs, no offense because they are pretty freaking awesome, but with Wix you can create professional looking flash websites.
 See what I created with Wix
The Wix site builder is so simple to use and helps you create beautiful looking flash websites in very littl…

Black Friday Deals

All across the country stores are packed with those people finding exclusive Black Friday deals. I for one think that this is the worst day of the year to go out if you want to survive. I mean people get crazy over the stupidest things. I remember that a couple of years ago a man waiting outside of a store on Black Friday got trampled to death. It was horrible and the worst part is that all of the people behind him were responsible for it because most likely everyone that was rushing through the doors had to have stepped on that poor guy.
     Luckily for the people like me who do not even step foot outside on Black Friday, there are still ways to get the best deals on the hottest products from your home. Many online retailers are offering discounts on many items much like the stores across the country. has lowered the prices of products that can be found on their site. I saw an item just earlier this morning that was over half off of the regular price on E…

How to Create a Video Introduction using Adobe After Effects

A video created by Adobe After Effects Professionals to inform After Effects users on how to make a High Quality video introduction. I posted this video because I am now going to get started on making my own video intro for my Youtube Account. All the credit for this video goes to Adobe, I just embedded it here so I can easily refer to it when I get started making mine, but also to try to get some of you (mostly people who seem to be reading this post because clearly they are interested) into the mood to create awesome introductions. Below is an intro created using this software. You may have heard of this "group" of gamers on Youtube. They are most famous for creating stunning Call of Duty multiplayer montages, Optic Gaming. It is truly a sweet video introduction and believe me, I do envy and hope to make an awesome intro just like this one soon.

How to Get Free Paypal Cash

Many of you out there, where ever you may be, are having the same envy that I have recently acquired. This envy happens to be for a big fat wad of extra income for things that people like me, and hopefully you if you are reading this, do not really have in our budgets at the moment. I mean, "Who really does not want free PayPal cash?" I for sure know that I want some extra cash. My hopes with this article are to inform the many who are wanting free PayPal money, multiple ways to get it through a variety of online sources. I did a large amount of research preparing for this article, so prepared to be greatly informed.

Option A:
Get paid up to $0.02 per click! Up to $0.01 per referral click!
OnBux is a pay to click site (PTC) where you can earn money by just clicking ads. You can earn up to $0.02 per click on this site. Also, your referrals can get you up to $0.01 per click! This is a great way to get some money without having to do offers like the other rewards programs. You ca…

Free Amazon Gift Cards

While casually searching the web for "Free Amazon Gift Cards" I came across a website website that will teach you how to simply get free Amazon redeemable gift cards. I earned about $10.00 in Amazon codes so far in about one week. The link is below...

...The site is not so much official with the domain being a Weebly sub-domain, but believe me it gets you your free Amazon cash. Just visit the link and find the sign up page.

Free Web Hosting for up to 6 Months

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