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Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Unboxing and First Impressions

Cheap gaming headset with actual quality may be extremely hard to come by. A good rule of thumb, which goes without saying, is that forking out more for a product will ultimately increase the initial return and satisfaction of the product. However, when I came across the Ear Force P11 from the infamous gaming audio manufacturers known as Turtle Beach I wondered if my general assumptions were "outdated" or over-generalized. Well after a decent inspection of the P11 I soon discovered that some shortcuts were implemented in order to provide the product to the public at an amazing price of $59.99 in good old United States currency.

The Turtle Beach Ear Force P11 Unboxing
     One of the very first things that I noticed about the headset that completely screamed "turn off" was the simple fact that it was tethered to a massive cable. This cable is required to be plugged in to your PS3, or PC in order to function (yes, it draws its power from your "gaming"…

Roxio's GameCap HD PRO Edition Review

Earlier this week I went about conducting a review on the EasyCap DC60 USB video capture card. This review came out of the excitement of the end of an age, for me atleast. What I mean by the end of an "age", is that I will no longer be using that mediocre capture card for content in the future. A new age of content recording has begun. This new age involves me and my Roxio GameCap HD Pro Edition video capture card and let me tell you, this partnership is looking amazing.
     Roxio's GameCap HD Pro is an intuitive piece of technology. The device, to my understanding, conducts all of the major video processing in the initial card, rather than requiring your computer to stress out. I can't tell you how many times I have struggled in the past with the DC60 not being able to stay on track with video input through the rendering process. I would loose frames constantly, the initial video would come out of the recording process in a "choppy" manner, and the …

Get Windows Movie Maker Classic in Windows 7

This tutorial is part of VGAuthority's Tuesday's Computer Tutorial series. This series is dedicated to bringing simple and easy to follow computer tutorials to those in need every week. 

EasyCap DC60 USB Video Capture Device Review

Darksider's 2: 66% Off on Steam until 11/15/12

The Steam store, which is considered to be one of the major hubs of PC Gaming, is featuring the full version of Darksiders 2 for only $17.00 USD. That is precisely sixty-six percent off of the full retail price. If you are a PC Gamer and having been patiently waiting for the price to lower on this apocalyptic game then now is your chance to dive into action for a smoking deal.

To gain access to this amazing deal you will need to have Steam installed on your computer.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive Review

It is appearing to seem as if Valve is deliberately trying to port their PC exclusives to consoles more often than usual. We saw this with Portal 2, the Orange Box (which is a compilation of Valve's games), and the Left 4 Dead duo. Now we can see it with one of Valve's more, if you will, hardcore games. Are you ready for some... "hip-firing" hardcore tactical gaming on your console with the newest installment to the Counter Strike franchise, i.e Global Offensive.
     Being introduced to the world of Counter Strike on my PS3 was like being hit with a flashbang, becoming disoriented, and eventually being picked off by a hostile force. This was a game that I had never thought being able to load up on my Playstation, let alone Xbox 360. Now I am just dumbstruck and have to admit I was caught off guard.

8 Minutes of Counter Strike: Global Offensive     Counter Strike: Global Offensive is much more than your typical run and gun shoot em' up game. The game practic…

Left 4 Dead 2: Dead Center Campaign Playthrough

Left 4 Dead 2 is just one of those must have "genre defining" games. To completely, to some extent, general this game as a whole encompasses what you should expect when playing a team based survival horror game. With this in mind, I decided to take a crack at playing through the entire game (I know, I know that I am extremely late getting into the action). Now you can view every single moment of the Left 4 Dead 2 game on this single page. I sincerely hope that you enjoy!

Portal 2 Review (PS3)

To be completely honest, Portal 2 was one of those games that I was weary to give a shot. It, too me, just looked completely ridiculous. I kept telling myself, "there is no way in hell that I am going to be wasting my time on such a twisted game lacking a sense of reality." Well, this last week I got my hands on a copy of Portal 2 for my Sony Playstation 3. Now I guess you can say... I am thinking with Portals.

     Just to give you guys a simple plot overview, you awaken as an apparent "lab rat" at the Aperture Science Facility to a very agitated artificial intelligence bot. Well guess what? Apparently the world has gone "apocalyptic" according the cute little android with a British accent. Now you find yourself (the only human being) trying to locate your precious Portal gun, which allows you to get from Point A to Point B quickly. As you and your new pal Wheatley attempt to escape the facility, the very pissed off AI in charge is awakened. That&#…

Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception Map Pack Details

It's official, the Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception Map Pack is available and with it's release comes the final piece of content for the Fortune Hunter's Club. So, what can you expect to see in the newest map pack? How fun would it be if I just told you?

 Swimming in the Uncharted 3 Graveyard Map
Showcasing the Old Quarter Map