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Batman: Arkham City Review

     Video game sequels can get a bit dull now-a-days, especially when developers start spewing them out as if they were rendered on a mechanical manufacturing line. Since we, as a gaming community, are exposed quite often to sequels that were "rushed out of the gate", we might be getting ourselves into a terrible dilema. However, there are some sequels that just blow you away. With mind-blowing mechanics, a simply amazing plot, and a noticeable step up from the previous release. Arkham City is sure to completely transform anyone who gets their hands on this game into the Dark Knight.

     In the previous release, Batman: Arkham Asylum, the facility on Arkham Island is left in ruins thanks to the menacing Joker's all out plan. In desperate need for a new facility to imprison Gotham's most dangerous thugs, Professor Hugo Strange is elected warden and is given approval to set up a new facility in the slums of Gotham City.

In an attempt to find out what is really going on in Hugo Strange's Arkham City, Batman infiltrates the maximum security prison. Then, all of the "fun stuff" begins.

Joker's Possy consists of armed thugs, oh and HUGE ONE ARMED HAMMER SWINGING MANIACS!


     I do have to say that I was completely impressed. The folks at Rocksteady took the time to revamp the mechanics, implement a new variety of gameplay tactics and techniques, and overall brought a better Batman experience then their previous Batman release.

Take a look at the Dark Knight as he spanks a bunch of thugs.

     I found myself entering a glide and quickly bolting down just to swoop myself back on course, definitely an easy way to traverse the massive Arkham City without the pain of having to grapple from building to building.

    Another addition that I found remarkable was the addition of a smoke pellet. Simple, right? Yes, but it adds to Batman's Arsenal, which is heavily increased through out the game, and it makes for a great way to escape from a swarm of armed thugs who are sending steaming bullet your way.

     Strategy and tactical maneuvers were key as I attempted to traverse a corridor filled with a group of armed thugs. I had to survey the area and take my time to initially take down the opposing threat. One by one, I was able to neutralize the threat using Batman's incredible arsenal.


Making an investment in Batman: Arkham City may be one of the best investments that you will ever make, or come very close. The gameplay is remarkable and the little things that make us gamers go "ooooohhh and awe" are strapped in right next to the more important things.

With a wide variety of familiar DC Comic book characters thrown into the game, for both main and side missions, the plot and lasting appeal has no where to go but up.

Challenge modes are back, so honing your predator and combatant skills as Batman, Catwoman, Robin, or Nightwing make for a good time away from all the chaos unfolding in Gotham.

After completing the story mode on Normal, or Hard difficulty a new game mode, New Game Plus, is unlocked. Basically you get to play the story mode through all over again, but you get to keep all of your gadgets, upgrades and all of your precious Riddler trophies and side mission progress. Best of all is that "New Game Plus" saves all of your progress to a different save slot so you don't lose any progress from your original story.

Catwoman is a playable character for free if you buy the game new.
     My biggest complaint would have to be the lack of a, at the least, two player cooperative mode. I would of loved to traverse Arkham City with a friend, or two. Hopefully the good developers at Rocksteady take multiplayer into consideration for their next Batman title.


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