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Batman: Arkham City "Pay Your Respects" Achievement/Trophy Guide

Get some help earning the "Pay Your Respect" achievement/trophy in Batman: Arkham City.  
Arkham City consists of a many "easter eggs" and, shall we say, goodies. One of which take players to the location of the tragic murders of Bruce Wayne's beloved parents. So since we are all sick and twisted individuals we are looking for a way to earn the trophy/achievement for the event, rather than have an actual "moment of remembrance" for the Dark Knight's parents... oh well.

The location of the alley where Bruce's parents were murdered is shown in the map of Arkham City below. The alley is located just above and the the left of the Restricted Area text on the map.

Once you have made it to the alley you should see a bundle of flowers, a couple of chalk outlines, and a red rose. After you have approached the red rose you will be prompted to press a button. Music will then start and the camera will begin to circle around Batman and the crime scene.

After the music has started you will need to wait for the music to end (about 1 to 2 minutes). Don't leave before the music ends, the achievement/trophy will not be awarded.


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